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x12 Nemesis Termite Baits 100g PCT Chlorfluazuron (Twelve Baits) Pest Control

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Nemesis Bait

• is a white cellulose based feeding matrix which is a high food grade cellulose.

• The active is based upon the IGR chlorfluazuron.

• There is a concentration of 1g chlorfluazuron per kg of the active matix, accurately and uniformly distributed throughout the matrix.

The IGR in Nemesis is a chitin synthesis inhibitor
• Insect growth regulators do not kill termites
• The termites feed on the attractive bait which is not detected as being harmful.
• It is spread around the termite colony.
• The bait stops the ability of the affected termites to safely molt.
• Waves of termites are affected over a few months to the point where the termite colony collapses





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