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Potassium Humate Fertiliser 18% -1L Natural Organic Fertilizer Garden Lawn

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Potassium Humate  is used for soil amendments, vigorous plant growth, fertility improvement, in combination with other nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and micronutrients).

Foliar Application Stimulates plant growth, increases yield and improves quality of plants Improves nutrient uptake and the effectiveness of pesticides

Soil Application Reduces nutrient loss and promotes root development Improves the soil structure and improves nutrient uptake by the root system.


Potassium Humate 18% is fully soluble and can be applied to the soil or the foliage.
The product should never be applied undiluted and once diluted should be used within 24
Shake well before use.
Avoid application to alkaline soils (with pH greater than 7).
Home Garden
Soil Application - 1:100 dilution (a bit less than ½ cup in 9L bucket) per 100 m2 of the garden
Foliar Application – 1:250 dilution (a bit less than ¼ cup diluted in 9L bucket or 1 tablespoon diluted in ½ bucket ) monthly, avoid spraying when flowering.
1:100 dilution at 2-3 week intervals: (a bit less than ½ cup in 9L bucket) per 500m2

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