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Garden Pressure Sprayer 5L Brunnings Weeding Insecticides Fertilisers

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Brunnings Pressure Sprayer is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications: weed and pest control, liquid fertilisers.

  • Durable ergonomic easy hold handle
  • Maximum 5L of sprayable capacity from the 7L bottle (2L for air pressurisation)
  • Approximately x 23 pumps = empty sprayer
  • Translucent, graduated bottle for accurate chemical mixing and dosing
  • Shoulder strap and lance for convenience
How to use:

Release bottle pressure by pressing the thumb trigger.
Unscrew and remove pressure sprayer assembly. Fill liquid to the required level. Do not exceed max capacity. Replace pump assembly and tighten.
Pump plunger 25 times to pressurise sprayer. Use the thumb trigger to deliver precise doses of spray. 
After usage, rinse the bottle thoroughly with water. Fill to the half capacity and pressurise the sprayer. Hold the trigger down and empty the bottle via the nozzle.
Store out of sunlight. Do not store pressurised (it will damage the membrane) or with unused chemicals.
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